Surrounded by forest and placed right next to the Åmose river lies Bromølle inn. Oppertunities for an extended walk in the forest or just a short walk to the rive. Situated in the heart of West Zeeland the Inn has been open to customers since 1198.

The Inn is known for it´s diverse number of meeting/confrance rooms to its very large festivals room with a capaticity of up to 200 people, and of course the renowned restaurant serving from classic danish meals to the modern danish cuisine.

The Inn also has 30 modern apointed roms each with Tv, phone tea and coffee making facilities and a private terrace. 2 of the rooms are large familyrooms containing one large double bed and 2 futher beds. The Inn has 2 rooms with whirlpool and 2 rooms for a speciel wedding-night.

As started the Inn has 3 dinning rooms with seating for 20 -200 guiets. The family run Inn has many years experiance in entertaning large groups, weddings, conformations and much more. we can meet your needs. with our experrinant teams of frindly staff.

Bromølle Inn lies in the center of west Zeeland, about 1 hour drive from Copenhagen and is a perfect place to hold meetings or conferences. There is a wide range af facilities and activities availble to your company´s. The first floor is made up af 4-5 different meeting rooms. All rooms have WIFI white boards and features. After a long conference day, you can relax in our games room with bar. Fitted with pooltable, dart, TV, tablefootball and different board games. Located jyst by the side, af the Inn.

The history of Bromølle Inn

The Inn can trace its history all way back to the year 1198. It is the oldest Inn known Inn in Denmark.

In the national archives there is a letter, signed by the bishop Absalon. dated 8 june 1198, that he gave the land around Bromølle Inn, at that time it was called Nævitzbro, to the monastary at Sorø. At that time it was the biggest road from Copenhagen to Kalundborg, and the only place you could cross the Åmose river in a north-south direction.

With the traffic increase came more buisness and soon a windmill was built on an outcrop on the Åmose river. The farmers in the upland came from all over to get there corn flourved. When the wait was long, which was often, the miller started to served food and drinks, and that is how Bromølle Inn started.

However in 1766 the river was draried and the windmill was taken down. So the Inn continued to serve food and drinks.

To run an Inn has not always been easy, so the owners in around 1700 had anothe buisness plan. They would get the guests drunk and kill them, put their bodies in the river and then they robbed all there monyes og goods.However the Inn keeper and his wife were soon found and hanged, at the gallows across the street from the Inn.

Today the Inn offers you a warm welcome from its ovners Bettina and Jan Bresnov and all their staff, were you can eat, drink and be happy.